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The Western Ghats is one of the most unforgettable places in the universe where everyone will love the place when they visit at least once. Its land area spread across the six states of India. It is an alluring place, especially for nature lovers. Here one can enjoy staying in resorts, hiking, bird watch, animal watch, night safari, eco-tourism, etc...

This place has many natural forests and also man-made plantation forests. The tropical evergreen forest and the Grassland are our origin forests of India. But later on the British spread the man-made plantation like pines, eucalyptus. This place has the potential and capability of making everyone refresh and rejuvenate everyone mentally and physically.

Western Hill Villas extends its service with the help of Eco-FarmVillas by providing luxury villas, farmland, resorts, farm houses for sale in Kotagiri, Coonoor and Anaikatti at a low price with all the luxurious facilities included to make everyone's trip remarkable.